Posted by Taylor Chazan

Hello planet guardians,
Since March I have been serving in an advisory panel to Pasadena Water and Power as a representative of our Green Council, Neighborhood Church, and the Pasadena community. The panel is officially called the Stakeholders Technical Advisory Group (STAG). Our mission is to provide public input as PWP makes choices regarding its future energy sources. PWP will propose a 20 year energy plan to the city council for approval in a document called the Integrated Resources Plan (IRP). By state law this must be approved by early 2019.
As a member of the advisory panel (Stakeholders Technical Advisory Group, I have learned a great deal about the operations of PWP from their staff  and consultants. I have also benefited from information provided by members of a local net zero activist group, Pasadena 100, and from our NUUC member John Odell who is also serving on STAG and fellow green council members.
PWP revises its energy plan about every 5 years making now the perfect time to let them know your opinion regarding green energy sources for electricity that can help protect our planet. PWP still relies on coal for about 40 percent of its power, 35 % on renewable, and the rest natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear for of energy production. The good news is the coal contract will expire in 5 years. So the main choice is whether to ramp up natural gas or increase the reliance on renewables. PWP’s first priorities are keeping the lights on without dramatically raising costs. But because renewables are expected to go down in price faster than natural gas, the green power advocates such as myself on the panel STAG will be urging PWP to include at least a 90% renewable energy proposal to the city. The City of Pasadena already has a comprehensive green city plan but the energy sources for PWP will be decided  based on PWP’s proposal.
This is why you as someone who lives, works, or worships in Pasadena can have a say in how we get our electrons. This decision by PWP and the City is probably the single most important step the City of Pasadena can make toward reducing carbon emission, pollution, and climate change. Knowing that all UU’s deeply care for the planet and all life here I urge you to get involved by taking the survey and attending PWP community meetings an city council meetings when possible!
The survey can be found online here:
I believe we can work together to sustain our planet!
Cary Belling, member of NUUC Green Council