7th Principle Green Council

Green Council

Green Council Chair Susette Horspool with longtime members Joe Pardee (left) and Rody Stephenson.

The 7th Principle of Unitarian Universalism:

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence
of which we are a part.

Who Are We?

We are a group of action-oriented environmental advocates who are working to support the earth in whatever ways we can that support UU values. We work together to organize periodic group projects – like putting on a play or fair for Earth Day – and to support each other with our own individual projects. Each of us has at least one personal, professional, or nonprofit earth-friendly project with which we are involved.

Neighborhood’s Green Council represents over 125 environmental supporters on its 7th Principle listserve.

Here are our members’ individual projects, from oldest to most current:

Monthly Presentations – Organizing green living presentations at Neighborhood Church. Presentations are held in the Neighborhood House living room on the 3rd Sunday of each month between services.
Right to Water – Monitoring the enactment of California’s new Right to Water bill, after having heavily promoted its passage in 2011.
Switch to Renewables – Persuading the cities of Glendale and Pasadena to produce electricity primarily from renewable sources, rather than fossil fuels.
Public Education – Promoting sustainable living to the general public via books and online articles, some of which are circulated to Neighborhood members.
Muir Ranch CSA – Supporting the development of urban farming. Started by Neighborhood members, this project went viral. The director has been hired to set up additional school gardens, PWP pays students to maintain the district’s irrigation systems, and the irrigation system training is becoming a role model project for water districts in Southern California.
Citizens Climate Lobby – Sponsoring the region’s chapter, where people concerned about climate change can gather to discuss preventive measures and learn how to lobby for their support. The group meets for a national conference call and discussion on the 1st Saturday of each month in Neighborhood’s Music Room (above Ross Chapel)from 9:45-noon.
Rainwater Catchment – A three-tiered project, starting with completion of the demonstration rainwater system located outside of the sanctuary.

Here are some of our past successes:

Green Sanctuary – Worked hard to convert Neighborhood Church into a utility-efficient structure. Earned UU’s Green Sanctuary designation.
Tree Planting – Northeast Trees (started by one of our members) led a group of adults and children from our congregation in planting over two dozen native oak trees in the Arroyo Seco.
Green Fair – Sponsored two earth-friendly community fairs at Neighborhood Church.
Water Justice Forum – Set up a well-attended water forum for leading water authorities and nonprofits to present their take on California’s water crisis.
Mother Earth Play – Put on a fun, informative play about global warming for the congregation on Earth Day.

If you are a member of Neighborhood Church and resonate with our 7th UU Principle (above) in thought and deed, you are welcome to join us. We meet monthly to share successes and plans: 2nd Sunday, between services, in the Neighborhood House dining room.

For more information, email Susette Horspool.

Green Council is associated with the following outside political action groups:
UU Legislative Ministry of California
Interfaith Power & Light
Citizens Climate Lobby

Kudos for Environmental Work:
The Conduit, May 2012, Pasadena Water & Power
Religion News Service Article, 10/8/2013