Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church
creates and grows an inclusive religious community connected by love, spirit, and service.

In keeping with our mission, we are guided by these values:

Together, we, of all ages and identities, embracing our Unitarian Universalist faith and principles:

  1.   Support one another through life’s changes, challenges, and transitions.
  2.   Create safe space for people to be their authentic selves
  3.   Nurture community with one another, our neighborhood, and the world at large.
  4.   Seek out, embrace, and increase diversity in our church community.
  5.   Connect to the transcendent through worship and other spiritual practices.
  6.   Recognize the importance of beauty and music in our church, our lives, and the world around us.
  7.   Challenge our minds and our hearts to grow.
  8.   Proclaim justice in its many forms and take action that leads to systemic change.
  9.   Take action toward a compassionate, sustainable, and peaceful world.
  10.   Ensure the continuity of our church through generosity and good stewardship.