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Most of you are probably aware that on Feb. 25 our campus was picketed by the hate group Westboro Baptist Church. Here is the story of our response grounded in love and compassion. Check out the press release detailing our official stance as a church and click on the quotes for a look at some of the incredible media coverage we received!



“God is a God of love,” Gundlach said. “Even in this moment when they are sending us messages of hate, we will continue to love them and pray for them and have compassion for them because hate is a corrosive element for our hearts.” -Pasadena Star News

Armed with markers and glitter, community members, students from Sequoyah High School and Neighborhood Church came together to support Siskel, one of their own… -CBS KCAL

“We do not want to feed this group’s hunger for publicity or provide a megaphone for their words of hate,” [Rev. Lissa Gundlach] wrote in an open letter to the community posted on the church’s Facebook page. -Pink News

The community created signs with positive messages of support of [Louise] Siskel, as well as other LGBTQ students, reading, “God is love,” “Love is love,” “You are loved, no strings attached,” and “Judge not.” The message “love lives here” was also written on the ground outside of the school in chalk along with drawn rainbows. -The Georgia Voice

The counter-protest seems more well attended, and, to the best of public knowledge, involves less bastardizing Bastille or any other British bands, with locals holding up affirming signs and spreading a positive message over WBC’s overwhelmingly negative nonsense.

…the school said that if families want to participate in an organized response to the Westboro Baptists, they are encouraging families to participate in the Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church’s non-violent response. -The Barefoot Times, Sequoyah School

“Today we met hate and venom with love and compassion,” Jessica Gable, communications coordinator at Neighborhood Church, told the Pasadena Weekly. “Members of our community, as well as the Pasadena community at large, surrounded the Sequoyah students with support and messages of kindness. We are thrilled at the triumph of inclusion that we witnessed today.” -Pasadena Weekly