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May 9, 2014

“Flopping Around in the Waters of Stupidity”

One of my favorite writers, who probably introduced me to the world of nature writing, has died.  Farley Mowat died at the age of 92 this past week.  He was a Canadian and best known for his book Never Cry Wolf.  You might have seen the movie, starring Charles Martin Smith as Mr. Mowat.  He […]

May 2, 2014

Up to Space, Down to Earth

I almost named this Sunday’s service, “The Scientist in You,” because we are featuring some of Neighborhood Church’s most interesting members – a few of the scientists who work at nearby NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  But while we are featuring three JPL employees this Sunday in the pulpit, not all of them are scientists.   […]

April 30, 2014

Neither Malice nor Stupidity

The comments made by the LA Clippers owner were truly awful and now the NBA has barred him from life from any connection with the team he owns.  It is gratifying that the NBA was willing to impose as tough a sanction as it had the power to do.  And while it is hard to […]

April 9, 2014

Has Your Bowl Ever Been Empty?

I am one of the lucky ones.  I have never gone hungry.  Growing up, we always had food in the house, three meals and then some.  My family loved food and loved to cook and there was always plenty.  I remember reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trying to imagine what it would be like […]

April 4, 2014

Spirituality of Her

 “You know, I actually used to be so worried about not having a body, but now I truly love it … I’m not tethered to time and space in the way that I would be if I was stuck inside a body that’s inevitably going to die.” — Samantha, in the movie “Her.” According to […]

April 2, 2014

Deserts in the Soul

I have been reading this past week the book, A Great Aridness by William deBuys, about the southwestern United States and the crisis in water.  With the little bit of rain we are having, it doesn’t seem so dry, but of course it is, and of course it is true that we live in the […]

March 23, 2014

Op-Ed Reject

I submitted the following Op-Ed to the LA Times a few days ago.  With the focus on Russia’s acquisition of Crimea, I don’t expect it will be published.  But it is also a topic society prefers kept out of sight, out of mind. Living in the Era of the War on Drugs, Terror, and Immigrants […]

March 20, 2014

The Palms of Our Hearts

I cannot imagine the terror that must have been on the Malaysian Airplane that disappeared almost two weeks ago.  Apparently the plane changed altitudes and speeds abruptly at various points, and flew on in some direction for a number of hours.  Whatever the cause of its disappearance turns out to be, it is frightening to […]

March 14, 2014

The Redemption of the World

Last night, Kathe and I went to see the LA Opera’s production of “Billy Budd” by Benjamin Britten based on the novella by Herman Melville. The novelist E. M. Forster (Howard’s End, Room with a View, A Passage to India) co-wrote the libretto. The manuscript of Billy Budd was found in Melville’s desk when he […]

March 6, 2014

Responding to the World We Are Given

We watched some of the Academy Awards the other night, but turned it off half way through.  Just too much self-congratulary excess for me.  We had seen some of the movies – Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave, Nebraska, American Hustle.  I did not think much of Gravity – great special effects for sure, but too […]

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