Posted by Stephanie Ballard

As Black History/Futures Month winds down, it seems fitting to note that Neighborhood Church honors Black lives all year round. In fact, our racial justice efforts have increased under Rev. Lissa’s leadership.

  • Neighborhood People of Color: This group meets monthly to work on issues of race, diversity, and inclusion. .
  • Beloved Conversations: Graduates of this UUA-sponsored curriculum host monthly discussions about race and racism issues we face in our current environment
  • Courage Against Racism: NUUC hosted four fundraisers during the 2015-16 church year for Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, raising a total of $11,000.
  • Black Lives Matter special offerings: We have held special collections for the past three years to benefit this crucial work. For each of the past three years, Neighborhood has designated a special offering for Black Lives Matter. This coming Sunday, February 26, the special offering will go to Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. Formed after the 2015 Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland, the BLUU Organizing Collective provides support, information, and resources, and visibility for Black UUs within our faith.
  • White People for Racial Justice of San Gabriel Valley: Founded in 2015 and led by NUUC members (myself and Sarah Briuer Boland), this group is open to all who identify as white and anti-racist and
  • Campus Outreach: Our White People for Racial Justice group piloted a community-based learning partnership with Occidental College
  • The New Jim Crow Book Study: . This group has been meeting to examine issues of mass incarceration as presented in the now-classic and important book. .
  • CICOPP: Coalition for Increased Civilian Oversight of Pasadena Police: Founded by NUUC members, this group promotes efforts to hold the Pasadena police department accountable and advocates for constitutional policing..

Through the commitment and efforts of Rev. Lissa, church leaders, and the congregation, Neighborhood is emerging as a local leader in our commitment to anti-racism work. We are committed to this crucial work and to show up as faith-based social justice activists. The work continues and we’re in it for the long haul, because it is said, “Justice is a marathon, not a sprint.” Put on your running shoes and join us!

For more information on how to get involved, contact me at

-Stephanie Ballard, Social Justice Coordinator