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8 Questions for Eugene Hutchins

1. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I was in a commercial for Puff’s Facial Tissue when I was 8.

2. What has been a spiritual turning point for you?

I was profoundly hurt and deeply wronged by someone very close to me.  To forgive this person, to move forward with my life and to continue to love this person was a deeply spiritual turning point for me.

3. What is your greatest sorrow and/or accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment will be the finalization of the adoption of our son, Elio. Stay tuned in June.

4. What is the best advice that you’ve received or given?

“Less is more.” It’s a piece of advice that I always turn to whenever I’m stuck. I don’t always follow it, but when I do, it always turns out better than I can ever imagine.

5. What book had a major influence on you?

It’s hard to name one book, but I threw a dart and here goes.  A Working Girl Can’t Win by Deborah Garrison.  This is a book of sharp and sly poetry that I found while browsing Strand book store in New York City many moons ago.  To me, it was a slap in the face to think about feminism not only as academic theory but also what it meant to call oneself a feminist, especially as a man reading this invigorating book. Whenever I re-read this electric book of poetry, the words leap off the page and seem more relevant than ever.

6. What inspired you to become a Board member?

To be of service to our community.

7. What would you tell someone new to Neighborhood Church?

Neighborhood Church is a community for everyone.  Find your niche, dig in, and have fun.

8. What is one way that you try to live the Seven Principles?

Every day, I try to empathize and understand the world around me from a point of view and perspective that is different from my own personal experience.