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Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, I don’t know you as well as I would like and you probably don’t know me all that well either. But I hope to change that soon, getting to know you a little better when I see you on Sundays or at other events!

But here’s a little to start with:

I am a very outgoing, sociable person who loves to both engage in conversation and really listen. For that reason, I feel honored to be a member of your Board of Trustees. I was born and raised in Southern California and I have lived all across the state from Culver City in the west to Jurupa Valley all the way in the east.

At heart, I feel I am an entrepreneur. My ultimate dream is to own a therapy farm that would double as a rescue space for animals and also as a place of tranquility for people to connect with nature.

I encountered a spiritual turning point when I came back from college at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The community I had grown accustomed to was suddenly gone when I returned to Los Angeles.  I always felt judged in the Catholic spaces I had been raised in and as someone who identifies as two-spirited, I did not feel like I fit in. However, my mentor at the time, who was raised as a Unitarian Universalist, told me about Neighborhood Church. Suddenly, I found a place that felt right. A place where my wife and I could raise our children and teach them about the true meaning of love.

My greatest accomplishment has been becoming debt-free in 2014. My aunt introduced me to Dave Ramsey and with his “7 Baby Steps,” I am on my path to financial freedom and a hopeful retirement at 45. My goal is to be in a place where I choose to work, not because I need to work. Feel free to ask me about it! I would love to help people get to that place of financial freedom.

I became a Neighborhood Church member because I truly believe in the UU principles and because the openness that exists at Neighborhood gives me the freedom to continue practicing and exploring my own spirituality. I have in the last two years begun to embark on the journey of learning the beliefs and values of my indigenous ancestors. It feels good to not be tied down to just one belief and to have the freedom to explore. For those of you who are new and are thinking about joining a new church community, please come and give Neighborhood UU Church a try. You will be welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey! It has truly been a healing place for me as well as a place to experience kindness. 

I would like to get to know you better so if you see me on campus, please come and say hi!

One Response to Board Blog: Meet Julian Juarez!

  1. DeAnn Morris says:

    Hi, Julian:

    I enjoyed your self-introduction. I do know you and enjoy talking to you. I am happy you were chosen to be on the Board. We need young people like you: savvy; curious; bright; industrious; helpful.

    So, thanks.

    DeAnn Morris