Chalice Circle Registration

ChaliceCirclesHow would you like to get together with a small group of Neighborhood folk once a month from September through June to talk about some of life’s big questions? Topics like Belonging, Instinct, Money, Aging, or Peace with Your Parents? Sound interesting? Does it sound like an opportunity to get to know people on a deeper level than is possible in a patio conversation? If it does then joining a Chalice Circle might be just what you are looking for.

Chalice Circles consist of 8-10 members along with a trained facilitator who gather together one and a half hours monthly in this regular spiritual practice. While reflecting upon such topics, Circle members examine their own beliefs and feelings and share them on a deeper level than can be achieved through casual conversation. A willingness to think about the monthly questions, a commitment to being at every meeting of your Circle, and a readiness to share your thoughts reap rewards that will far exceed your expectations.

Registration has already started and will continue online through the end of July. At that time groups will be formed and during the third week of August you will be notified of your group meeting day and time. While there may be some openings in the fall, if the past is at all an accurate indicator, most groups will be nearly full and the selection of meeting time and day will be very limited.

We hope you will join us and be a part of this enriching program! Please register here:

  • Please choose your first, second, and third choices for a Chalice Circle meeting time. You may also select as many days and times you are available. Select "Cannot Attend" for meeting times that do not work for your schedule.