Posted by jessica

We invite all of our members to join us for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on May 19 and 11:30 am in the Sanctuary after the single church service. At this meeting, you’ll elect next year’s lay leaders and approve the 2019-2020 budget. If you can’t make it to the Annual Meeting, you can designate the Board of Trustees as your proxy with the form here.

Don’t forget to prepare for the Annual Meeting by checking out the Annual Report! ACCESS THE ANNUAL REPORT BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

In this report, read about a year in the life of Neighborhood Church. Take a look at the budget and all the great things we’re planning for next year! Hear from the Board of Trustees and check out the nominees for Board membership.

To top it all off, find out what the year has been like from the perspective of Neighborhood Church staff with THIS WEBSITE. It’s a look at all the behind-the-scenes laughter, fun and hard work that goes into making Neighborhood Church the beautiful, connected, beloved community that it is.