Circle Suppers

Circle Suppers are potluck dinners hosted by church members in their homes. Guest numbers vary but usually there are between six and eight people at each dinner, including the hosts. These dinners provide a comfortable environment for folks to get together and enjoy a meal and evening together. There is no need to have a big house or cook fancy food to participate. The overall objectives of Circle Supper include:

• building community within our existing membership and integrating new members into our community
• providing fun, relaxed social opportunities for members to get to know one another or know one another better
• providing opportunities for more inter-generational association.

Our next Circle Suppers will be held on:

  • Saturday, November 3rd
  • Sunday, November 4th
  • Saturday, November 10th
  • Sunday, November 11th

Sign ups may be done online (see below) or after Sunday service on the patio at the Circle Supper table September 23rd & September 30th.

For more information, please contact: Tom Petersmeyer at or Monica Villegas at

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Circle Suppers Fall 2018