Posted by Taylor Chazan

Hosting a Dining for Dollars provides you an opportunity to shine your light, to share your expertise, to meet other UUs, and to support Neighborhood. It also provides your guests a journey along with you, a journey into something familiar or into something novel.

Or “hosting” could be something singular, like going into someone’s home and helping them with a lesson or task. Events that involve unique skills are most welcome in one-on-one or small groups. The only limit to what you provide is your curiosity and imagination.

Guest Memories from Previous Dining for Dollars Events:

“I float softly through the floor, the earth—absorbing the gongs and drums of a sound bath. My mind’s eye can visualize the vibrations. Relaxed to near coma, this is a forever moment.”

A sound bath is a highly specialized, completely unique event. But you might have a specialty of your own, which we UUs in our ubiquitous curiosity would treasure.

“I sing-along the profoundly familiar melodies of Christmas carols. I wonder at the prowess with which Jennifer harmonizes with Jan, immersing myself in the poignant innocence of my childhood holidays.”

OK. What you need here is an enthusiastic piano player like Clyde, a cadre of willing co-hosts like Bill and Susan, and a mound of appetizers and desserts. Absolutely do-able by anyone!

“I eye the conveyor belt of various Dim Sum treats. All of us eat to combustion. Along the way Katrina provides history and context. My introvert loves the small group; my irony loves the howls of laughter.”

The SECRET here is that we were at a Dim Sum restaurant. SO EASY! Katrina did not have to cook. All Jim had to do was tell jokes and pick up the tab.

“All of us are elevated by Jamie’s divine voice and Martin’s incomparable jazz musicians. Enveloped in a canopy of oak trees in a mountainous back yard and borne aloft by the music, we all experience a temporary taste of paradise.”

Ah! Another highly specialized event. Not many of us could pull this off. YOU MIGHT BE THE ONE.

“I have Gillian all to myself for a yoga lesson. I am glad I chose this, not only because the one-to-one introduces me to yoga which is unfamiliar, but because Gillian’s light and vibe are so gentle.”

All of us have something to share.

Host Information:

Click HERE to fill out and submit your Event Host Form online. Or pick up the paper form this Sunday at the D4$ table in the patio.

Important Dates:

Saturday, September 30–Deadline to submit Event Host Forms for Fall-Winter D4$. Be sure to choose a date for your event in the October through April, 2018 time frame.

October 8 & 15 – Bidding for events happens on the church patio.

Thank you for participating as a host or a guest!

DeAnn Morris, D4$ Fall Co-chair