Discussion and Covenant Groups

Neighborhood Church members have a long history of active intellectual engagement. Our various discussion groups provide an opportunity to explore and debate current events from a UU perspective while our covenant groups, such as Chalice Circles, create deeper connections within our large congregation.

Chalice Circles – Small Group Ministry
Neighborhood Church’s small group ministry program, Chalice Circles, bring groups of 8-10 church members and friends together in a regular spiritual practice. Trained facilitators encourage participants to share their life stories in response to thought-provoking, UU-oriented themes and to draw insights from them. Circles invite intimacy, allow for serious engagement with religious and spiritual topics, and lead toward expression of our principles and values in action.

We feel that being involved in a Chalice Circle fosters a small-church feel for the congregants of our large church and draws us into mutual ministry. Each Circle gathers for the duration of the church year, meeting either once or twice a month.

Using The Economist as its primary source, this group meets between services the first Sunday of each month to debate and discuss current issues and events.