Posted by Clyde Derrick

Dear fellow members and friends of Neighborhood UU Church:

Some questions have come to the Board during the discernment process related to emeritus minister status. I hope the FAQs below are helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email (see church directory) if you have further questions. Thank you for your consideration.

  • What happens when someone becomes Emeritus Minister? Is there any fiscal impact?

The title “Emeritus Minister” is an honorific. Any emeritus minister at NUUC would receive no compensation. They would be expected to be an active and pledging member. The Senior Minister has the option to call upon the Emeritus Minister to participate in church activities as happened with Rev. Brandoch Lovely.

  • Why was a new bylaw related to emeritus status necessary?

The church had no guidelines for emeritus ministry in its policy or bylaws documents. Further, we were unable to discern what the process had been when Rev. Brandoch Lovely became emeritus minister. We needed a proven protocol to work from, and relied upon UUMA guidelines for crafting the bylaw. The proposed bylaw passed at the May 21 annual meeting with a wide majority in favor.

  • Why is the Board asking for congregational input?

To act responsibly in making its recommendation on a congregational meeting for a vote, the Board needs to discern congregational feeling on the issue. Receiving confidential letters from current pledging members that we can review carefully is the best possible process.

  • What are the next steps?

The Board has set a deadline of August 11, 2017 to receive confidential letters by email or postal mail written by current members only. No anonymous communications will be considered. The Board has set a meeting in late August to discuss the input from the congregation and decide upon recommending a congregational vote on emeritus ministry for Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson.

-Clyde Derrick, President, Board of Trustees