Posted by Savannah Hemmig

January 25, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Ross Chapel
Have you ever wondered how the person next to you in church wound up there? Have you ever wanted to tell a story to someone besides your dog? Created by NUUC member Joe Welker, Choose Your Own Religion is a live storytelling show full of unfiltered religious and spiritual stories from award-winning Los Angeles storytellers and YOU! In addition to our featured storytellers, names will be drawn at random to share your 5-6 minute experience with religion or spirituality.
Started as an interview podcast in 2015, Joe originally created Choose Your Own Religion as a place to be authentic with his spirituality as a standup comedian. In 2017, he began producing a live storytelling show under the same name as a place for people to share their experiences with religion, whether they were good, painful, hilarious, heartbreaking, or just weird. Anything from losing faith to spiritual breakthroughs, from abuses of power to when you felt God with you, from when you felt like a phony in church to when you found your home in Unitarian Universalism.
Through producing the show, Joe received a call to become a Unitarian Universalist minister, and he will be going to seminary in Fall 2019. What he loves about being UU is a chance to explore spirituality with authenticity, and he is thrilled to be bringing the show to NUUC in 2019 in service of that ministry. He hopes the show will both help NUUC members get to know each other better and engage with the larger LA interfaith community.
So please join us on Friday, January 25th at 7:30pm in Ross Chapel for an evening of raw religious and spiritual stories. Beer will be served! Parental advisory: mature content.
Stories should be 5-6 minutes and be a true, personal story about something that happened to you related to religion or spirituality. They can be uplifting, sad, cathartic, hilarious, strange, anything. No prior performing experience required or desired!
Email any questions to