Posted by Taylor Chazan

November 30, 2019 @ 7:45 am – 8:45 am
Ross Chapel

We are grateful for the chance to offer yoga at Neighborhood, often considered an important spiritual practice component, to our members and friends.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the Latin root “yoke” – to join together. Perhaps the best translation is “union”. Whether your perspective is practical, scientific, religious, or spiritual, some of the common “unions” sought are: union of body, mind, and spirit; union of conscious and unconscious mind; union of the individual soul and the Divine; and union of one’s male side and female side.

An introduction from the class instructor, Cara Davis:

Yoga is a discipline that offers practical and definitive results while addressing tension in both the body and the mind. Combining physical stretching, toning exercises, deep breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga is ideal for lowering stress, quieting the mind, soothing the spirit and strengthening the body.Yoga does not require a specific level of fitness, strength, or flexibility, and provides one tools to help balance the demands that are put on your body, mind, and spirit.

Hello, my name is Cara Davis. I have been teaching yoga locally for about seven years and am thrilled for the opportunity to offer yoga at the Neighborhood Church. My personal practice has included a wide variety of yoga styles, from Iyengar to Astanga, Bikram to Kundalini, each with significant contribution to the way I have learned to teach. Each of us is so very different, not only as compared to other individuals, but ourselves different from day to day. When I began this journey nearly twenty years ago, fitness of the physical body was most definitely my emphasis. Over the years, that has changed. Just as all things do in life. After having my twins, recuperating from all that does to ones physical being, I found myself looking deeper. It was no longer about losing that 100+ pounds I gained, it was about finding compassion for myself and honoring all that I had been through. I am learning how to embrace life, with all its obstacles and miracles. For me, yoga is a way to cultivate compassion towards ourselves and others. I hope you will join me on this journey. Namaste.

Class Info:
When: Saturday 7:45 am-8:45 am & 9:00am-10:00am; & Monday 6:30 pm
Cost: FREE to Neighborhood Church members. $15 for walk in and $130/20 classes for non-church member friends and guests.
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and towel.
Contact: For more info, contact Cara Davis.
Please consult your physician before starting an exercise program.