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Dear congregants,

We are happy to present below the final version of the congregational covenant, reflecting our work as well as the input of the congregation and Board. We encourage you to attend the annual meeting on May 19 when a vote will be taken for this to become our congregational covenant.


With gratitude,

The Covenant Creators Committee (CCC)


Irene Burkner

Cybele Garcia

Katherine Gavzy

Julian Juarez

Wes Louissaint

Gail Shand

Dinandrea Vega

Joyce Wedseltoft

Joe Welker

Clyde Derrick, ex-officio



Covenant of Right Relations

We the congregational members, leaders, ministers, staff, and friends of Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church are a welcoming faith community that believes a better world is brought about through our daily actions and interactions. It is with this spirit that we covenant to act with integrity so that the needs of the individual and the greater faith community can be in harmony. We covenant to honor one another, engage one another, and give to one another and our institution.


We hereby covenant to honor one another.

  • We aspire to live our shared values and shared ministry through our daily interactions.
  • We listen appreciatively, being mindful, present and respectful, assuming good intentions, and seeking to understand one another.
  • We aspire to resolve conflict in a loving, compassionate way, and to forgive each other out of generosity of spirit.


We hereby covenant to engage one another.

  • We commit to sharing our authentic selves by expressing our needs and ideas, communicating honestly, respectfully, directly, courageously, and without anonymous statements.
  • We take responsibility for the impact of our statements and actions.
  • We remain engaged, even in conflict, through daring and difficult communication, collaboration, and facilitation.


We hereby covenant to give to one another and our institution.

  • We contribute our time, skills, and other resources.
  • We commit to understanding and supporting our church structure, including administration and governance.
  • We commit to advancing ethical conduct and addressing misuse of power within the policies and procedures of Neighborhood UU Church.

When we are unable to come to an understanding with one another, we will engage members of the Right Relations Committee for support.

We as a community will do our best to abide by this Covenant.