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Over the last two months, your trustees have been engaged in two major efforts, revising our governance policies and assisting with and monitoring compliance with our conditional use permit (CUP) issued by the City of Pasadena in August 2016. At every monthly meeting, we review reports from Rev. Lissa on membership, financials, and programs.

Outside of our monthly meetings, the trustees supported Rev. Lissa and her staff at the annual listening session with the neighbors on December 6th. This meeting is a requirement of our CUP; eight people representing five nearby households attended the meeting. After presentations, we asked the neighbors to respond to two questions: (1) since September, I believe the church situation has improved in the following ways; and (2) I continue to have the following concerns. We received a variety of answers, which we discussed at our December meeting.

At each meeting, we review several metrics or indicators of our church’s health. I want to highlight just two: membership and financials.

As of January 19th, we had 570 members. While this seems to be a significant drop in members from 650 reported in December, in fact the smaller number is more robust. For many years, our membership has been somewhat “bloated” by so-called members who had moved, stopped pledging, or otherwise become inactive, but were still listed as members. The trustees have supported Rev. Lissa in her desire to have a more accurate picture of our membership, even if it means we must admit we are smaller than we might have thought.

The financial situation as of the end of December showed some improvement, probably seasonal, over the prior month. Pledge income, however, is below budgeted by about $12,000, year to date. Total income, June through December, was at about $666,000, relative to projected budget income of around $661,000. Total expenses for the period were about $644,000 compared to projected (budgeted) expenses of about $647,000. Our financial bottom line at the end of December, however, showed a “loss” of about $12,000. Pledge income is important!

We also keep track of Sunday morning attendance and youth registration and attendance and we are committed to developing and watching additional measures of our church’s health.

Lastly, on January 29th, the trustees were honored to run the Sunday service, speaking to how we envision living into our mission, values, and ends. We are grateful to Rev. Lissa for giving us this opportunity to live into the mission and to you all for being such an appreciate congregation. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please catch me on the patio or drop me a line via email.

In love, spirit, service, and community.

Nancy Steele, President,

Your Board of Trustees: Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, Clyde Derrick, Kirk Dillman, Esther Martin, Martin Morales, Janice Partyka, Nancy Steele, Patty Watson-Wood, and Lauren Worley.

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  1. DeAnn Morris says:

    Thank you, Nancy.

    In addition to a truly lovely picture, the text was very helpful. Nicely written.