Becoming a Member

Easier than you think!

welcomeceremony121107 023There are a number of activities and programs that can help you decide if Neighborhood is right for you. Attend Sunday service, take a class, meet other folks on our patio, or volunteer for a social justice project. You are welcome to participate in all of these activities and more. Each person has a different journey and here are a few opportunities to explore:

  1. Attend Church regularly to get to know the congregation, our ministers, and our diverse beliefs.
  2. Visit the Welcome Table to pick up information, request a nametag, subscribe to our online newsletter, and more.
  3. Participate in our orientation class, New to Neighborhood, held throughout the year.

After you’ve participated in some of these helpful events, how do you know if you’ve become a member? It’s more than having a nametag, receiving the newsletter, and coming to service!

After carefully deciding if Neighborhood Church is right for you, you become an official member by completing a membership card (available at the Welcome Table, in the office, or from any staff or board member) and making a financial commitment to the Church. Shortly thereafter, our Director of Membership will contact you to answer any questions and chat about what you are seeking in a spiritual home and how we can help you find ways to get connected.

We’ll also send you a new member packet with additional information and invite you to participate in an upcoming Welcome Ceremony, where we introduce you to the congregation and formally welcome you into our community. Afterwards, you’ll sign the official membership book, which contains the signatures of generations of Neighborhood Church members. We look forward to welcoming you home to our neighborhood!

Responsibilities of membership:
1.Be present – attend regularly and bring your authentic self.
2.Grow your own faith – develop a spiritual life.
3.Make this your community – connect with others.
4. Give of yourself in three ways each year: help our children, volunteer for a social justice project, and care for those in need.
5. Support the Church financially by making an annual pledge.