Planned Giving

Possibilities and opportunities. That’s what we offer family, friends, causes and organizations whom we designate to receive the gifts we leave when we depart this life. Planning for the disposition of our estates is a caring, loving and generous act that can have a lasting effect on the people and organizations that matter most to us. Yet it only happens if we plan appropriately and take the necessary steps ahead of time. Otherwise, our property might end up being divided and distributed by some disinterested government or legal entity in a way inconsistent with our final wishes.

Planned giving is not new. All of us have heard at one time or another that, “Everyone should have a Will”! But did you know we have a formal Planned Giving program here at Neighborhood Church? The benefits are many and having this program facilitates the efforts of anyone who wants to include Neighborhood Church among their beneficiaries. By naming the Church in your will or trust you can help strengthen the Church’s economic security, enhance its ability to serve its members and the greater community, and create an enduring legacy that will make possible continued support for the values and programs dear to you. Doing so can be as easy as changing beneficiary designations or updating your will. And it does not mean an immediate outlay of financial resources, unless you desire to do so.

The Neighborhood Heritage Society, an honorary fellowship, was formed to give recognition to and show appreciation for the individuals who have made a commitment to include Neighborhood Church in their wills, trusts and other planned giving designations. Society members have the opportunity to provide input to the Planned Giving Committee and the Board of Trustees on matters affecting the future long-range mission of the Church and its financial security.

If you feel, as so many of us do, that Neighborhood Church plays an important role in providing for your spiritual sustenance and makes a positive impact on the world around us, won’t you consider making the Church part of your planned giving and join the Neighborhood Heritage Society? If you are already a member, did you know that you can fill out a simple form to make it clear how you would like your bequest to be used? For instance your future gift can be designated to go towards building endowment, added to church reserves, annual operating expenses or other options. Additional information can be obtained from any of the Planned Giving Committee members, at various displays located in the Chapel and Neighborhood House, or on the patio between services on Sundays. Look for the brochure entitled, “An Invitation to Join the Neighborhood Heritage Society.”

Through the Wake Now Our Vision (WNOV) campaign, initiated by the UUA, a new planned gift to NUUC established between 2017 and 2020, such as those listed on the side, will generate immediate income for NUUC through a partial match from the Shelter Rock UU church. Please see a member of the Planned Giving Committee for further information on this program.

– The Planned Giving Committee