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As you know, Neighborhood Church has been an active participant of Adopt-a-Child-Abuse-Caseworker (ACAC) for more than a decade.  We support two social workers from the Pasadena-based office of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) who care for children who have been neglected and/or abused.

This summer Lynn Miyamoto and I, in conjunction with Beth Colcord, held a new event, a Neighborhood Church ACAC back-to-school shopping spree for 15 of the most disadvantaged children served by our ACAC caseworkers, Ariel Rivera and Cathy Martin Del Campo.  Fifteen Neighborhood volunteers helped children shop for clothing, shoes, toiletries and school supplies at our event at the Pasadena Target Store on July 24.  The funds came from the annual ACAC church collection, as well as donations received from our holiday gift outreach.  In total, we spent $2900.

This project served two purposes.  Our caseworkers felt that it very directly helped their most needy children who all lack basic necessities.  It also brought together children in protective care and Neighborhood volunteers face-to-face, providing special interaction.  When we created this project we did so as a pilot that would provide the experience to enable a larger event in July 2017 that would serve more children and provide added church members opportunities to participate.   Feedback from the social workers, kids, and church volunteers indicate it was success.  We will share our thoughts about a 2017 event as the year progresses.

-Janice Partyka & Lynn Miyamoto, NUUC Members & ACAC Coordinators

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  1. Nancy Collins says:

    What a great way to not only “do good” but to feel good too. Actually being with the children we have been helping indirectly must have been wonderful for both the givers and the receivers. Thanks for putting this together!