Posted by Neighborhood Church

The Music Director Search Committee continues its work to recommend a candidate to replace Stephen Grimm, as Musical Director.

To date, the Committee has reviewed visioning documents from two years ago, considered the results of last fall’s Town Hall meeting, hosted a café-style, roundtable (focus group) forum, tabulated results from the music survey and polled Neighborhood’s youth.

A significant percentage of the congregation responded to these outreach efforts. Congregation members expressed that they appreciated the current program. We also received significant responses calling for changes and innovations to the program.

In April, Committee members reviewed application packages, researched applicants, and corroborated applicant reputations with contacts in the community. Recently, Committee members finalized interview questions and scheduled interviews with candidates.

We’re now working with 6 semi-finalists from a total pool of over 80 applicants.

Presently, the Committee is recruiting choir and congregation members to assist us in auditioning the final candidates.

The Committee hopes to have our new Music Director in place by mid to late June.

As we move towards final decision-making in our selection process for Neighborhood’s new Music Director, we will continue to balance the congregation’s wants with what Neighborhood needs.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about the Music Director Search Committee’s process, please contact us at Thank you!