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 A significant step was achieved in Neighborhood’s commitment to become a Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas-Emitting (GHG) Congregation.  As of last month, the Church reached Net-Zero for its 2016 facility emissions by purchasing carbon offset credits.  It cost $2,200 and was paid by a generous donation made previously, with subsequent disbursement from Green Council’s Spalding Fund.  Further funds are now being pursued to purchase offsets for emissions from staff air travel.

This is just the first step in a larger plan being developed by Green Council for approval by the Board and Congregation later this year.  So far, it calls for a proposed line item in the Church budget to purchase offsets for 2017 emissions, and to initiate projects to significantly reduce future facility emissions. Reduction projects may include installing more LED lights and adopting a multi-year schedule for upgrading or replacing campus air conditioners. It will also include installation of onsite or other local solar projects, and seeking potential sources for external funding.

Look for more details soon about this exciting plan and how you, Neighborhood members, can lower your own GHG emissions through  carpooling, use of public transit, biking, and assessing your carbon footprint at home.

Frank Colcord & Rody Stephenson

Net-Zero @ Neighborhood Committee

January 12, 2018