Gregory Carrow-Boyd

Interim Director of Religious Education

Greg will be serving Neighborhood as Interim Director of Religious Education starting in August.  He is gregboydcurrently a seminary student at Wesley and will begin serving as a UUA trustee this June.  He holds degrees in Bilingual Education (B.S., Boston University) and Teaching and Curriculum (M.Ed., Penn State). Greg’s background as a lifelong UU and his extensive leadership skills are a wonderful addition to our religious education program.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Neighborhood Church as your Interim Director of Religious Education. I have served our Unitarian Universalist Association, our camps and conferences, as well as our congregations in multiple ways over the past decade. My experiences as both a secular and religious educator in addition to my identity as a lifelong Unitarian Universalist will allow me to serve your congregation well. This background has provided me with crucial insights into how to support the multiple ways in which our communities of faith live out beloved community as well as how to suggest and foster cultural change when necessary. My approach to curriculum development, pastoral care, and service are imbued with and made manifest through the values of our liberal religious tradition. I will bring with me a model of lifelong Unitarian Universalism to share both with the members of your congregation and your staff team. I am so happy to reflect on and add to these lived experiences with your congregation as your Interim Director of Religious Education. I look forward to beginning our service together in August.

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