ZaNyaa Lee

ZaNyaa is a native of southern California who has found a home in the city of Glendale. She was first introduced to the UU community when she applied to be a Nursery Supervisor for UUCC Santa Monica where she worked for more than three years. ZaNyaa has a history of serving people as an educator, social worker, interventionist, and life coach.

She also has an affinity for working with special needs, early childhood, and multicultural populations, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Redlands and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from California State University Northridge. ZaNyaa enjoys good food, traveling with her husband, and supporting healthy life affirming communities and lifestyles. She is excited to support the growth and vitality of Neighborhood UU, and strengthen her own spiritual practice along the way. She is open to meeting up for coffee or tea to chat about life, Neighborhood UU, and all things purple!

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