Anna Cremarosa

Special Events & Facility Coordinator

If something’s happening on our busy church campus…you can bet Anna’s involved.  She juggles weddings, memorials, classes, parties, workshops, meetings, concerts, summer camps, custodian schedules and handles unusual situations such as rescuing raccoons from the church dumpster or helping brides write new vows because they left the original copy at home.  As you can imagine, Anna’s degree in Psychology is in daily use.  She’s been on staff since 2007 and has worked in event planning for over 10 years. Anna lives in Burbank with her husband Kyle, daughters Olivia and Makena, a dog, 2 cats and 3 fish (all named Nemo). While not at work, Anna enjoys being crafty, hosting toddler play dates, planning Disney cruise vacations for her family, and volunteering for the MOMS Club of Burbank.

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