Stephanie Ballard

Social Justice Coordinator

BALLARD Stephanie
You might know Stephanie Ballard from the anti-racist allies group called White People for Racial Justice of San Gabriel Valley, which she co-founded in Fall 2015 and now co-facilitates. Previously, you might have known her as a member of the task force that launched Rainbow Connections group for LGBTQ youth. Or from a Chalice Circle, Building Bridges event, or at Sunday coffee service. Maybe you saw her rocking a bald head during cancer treatment a few years ago. In any case, Stephanie has been mostly active behind-the-scenes since joining Neighborhood Church in 2009. If you haven’t met her, it’s probably because she’s maintained a modestly-low profile. But that’s changing now with her appointment to Social Justice Coordinator, replacing Beth Colcord. Stephanie has been into a social justice activist her entire life, working as a volunteer activist for various causes including women’s rights, abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights. Another lifelong interest is spirituality, and she identifies as a Pagan and a recovering Catholic in addition to a UU. Stephanie feels this job is a perfect fit because it combines her two passions of spirituality and social justice. Professionally, she has had careers as an academic librarian and as a public health educator, and earned master’s degrees in Library Science and in Health Education. A Midwestern transplant, Stephanie moved to this region 12 years ago from Cincinnati Ohio—and never regretted that decision.
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