Religious Education

Here at Neighborhood, we understand religious education to be a lifelong process. We have classes that span every age range and include multiple ways of learning, from constructive game playing to information dissemination to discussions – learning is action. You will find classes for children and youth on Sunday mornings. For adults there are Sunday forums, on-going groups related to various topics and workshops and classes offered both on weeknights and Saturdays and more.

Whatever your religious background-or even if you have never participated in a faith community before-there is room in our church for your family. For generations, Unitarian Universalism has welcomed and guided interfaith families, exiles, and seekers. We are enriched by each others’ faith journeys and our liberal religious values.

The familiar saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is at the heart of our Youth Religious Education philosophy here at Neighborhood. From Ministers, to staff, to volunteer teachers, to you the parents, we strive to provide our children with a strong foundation for faith and spiritual growth through their relationships with the church community. As we focus our Religious Education programs on transmitting our faith, your children will be exposed to worship and ritual in many different forms and be encouraged to explore many of those rituals at home.

Each year, carefully chosen curriculum will focus on our Unitarian Universalist Identity. Our classes are taught by an incredible team of caring, dedicated volunteer teachers. Additionally, our children and youth will experience social justice with occasional Worship/Justice Sundays when all ages come together for worship and a justice related activity.

Our Religious Education community (including you) encourages our youth to ask tough questions, create their own spiritual path and participate in the world. We work to foster spiritual awareness and make the events in children’s lives religious occasions.

Nurturing the spiritual lives of our children is our “Gift of Faith” to them. We hope you and your family will enjoy this exploration together. As always, our staff is available to answer questions and/or address concerns. We want to make your child’s experience here a memorable one.