Posted by Neighborhood Church

What a whirlwind! I just looked at the calendar and realized that it has been a whole month since I became a part of Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church as the Membership and Community Coordinator. You all are keeping me on my toes! ☺ 

I have attended a class or two, met with a few committees, participated in my first Welcome Back Potluck, and chatted with more people than I can remember. I have been asked the question, “Is UU a coming together of many faiths or is UU a faith unto itself?” I have learned that you have to be an official member of Neighborhood to teach religious education classes, while most other classes and groups are open to all of Neighborhood’s visitors and friends.  I have been helped by new members, seasoned members, seasoned visitors, Sequoyah school personnel, coworkers, and our amazing custodial staff as I learn my way around, and it has honestly been a joy getting to know more about what it means to be a member of the Neighborhood community.

In the coming weeks I am looking forward to facilitating my second New to Neighborhood class with Reverend Lissa on Sunday October 7th and attending as many committee meetings and classes as I can in between. I will continue to meet and get to know the congregation while I go about the very purposeful work of building up our hospitality team (ushers, greeters, coffee volunteers, welcome table volunteers, sound and lighting volunteers, and flower donators), re-envisioning our Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM), and reinstating our Membership Committee.  Our Membership Committee will be a vital component to helping new members and visitors feel welcome and find their feet within the Neighborhood community.

Specifically, the committee is an advisory group that assists with the evaluation and oversight of the membership process and maintenance. Committee members serve as ambassadors to our newest members helping them to form connections and really make Neighborhood their home. They listen to current members and keep connected with folks throughout their spiritual journey with Neighborhood.  They will be at the forefront of making sure that Neighborhood stays rooted in its rich history, while also being a welcome place for those navigating spiritual and personal growth in the 21st century.

If you’re interested in linking up with the membership committee, hospitality team, or the Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry come and chat with me on Sundays. I will be at the Welcome Table wearing my favorite green name tag and a smile! You can also reach me at or at 626-449-3470 x20.

Thank you for making my first weeks here lovely and Happy Fall!

ZaNyaa Lee, M.A. CLCC

Membership and Community Coordinator Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church