Posted by Liz Murphy

By Troy and Kathy Goodson

Troy: Good morning.  I’m Troy Goodson.  This is my wife, Kathy and our daughters, Sophia and Simone.  We have been members of the church for 12 years.  When the kids were younger, I volunteered in the RE program. Kathy has been greatly involved with the church serving on committees, the board, the knitting group, and is teaching Jr. High OWL for the sixth year.

Kathy and I moved here from Atlanta, leaving our families in the South.

When we started our own family, we were looking for a community that would embrace us and help us instill morals and ethics in the children and in ourselves.  Neighborhood Church has provided that. We have fond memories of the maypole events and caring for the trees right here in the Arroyo. Sophia just completed ROP. She said that one of the best things about the church is how accepting everyone is.  She felt comfortable saying exactly what she believed knowing she would be accepted for who she is.

Kathy:  Simone is proud of her activism in the church. Whether it was protesting for LGBTQI rights or laying down on the sidewalk in downtown LA against police brutality, she is learning about her own intersectionality and is taking action. She is teaching us to do the same.

When my sister died several years ago, sweet people from this church came and cleared a room in our house so my niece could move in.  This was such an act of loving kindness. I will never be able to pay them back but I can pay it forward.  Also, the women in my knitting group are my family.  They are such brilliant woman and I learn from them.  I have enjoyed the connections made during beloved conversations and the many dining for dollars events.

Troy:  All of these things and more are why we choose to make a pledge to church.  We want to support this community, we want everyone to benefit as have and do.  We have been able to increase our pledge over the years.  Although we mark the pledge card for monthly payments, it doesn’t always turn out that way.  We haven’t always been able to make our montly pledge, but we have been able to make it up by the end of the year.  And over the years, we’ve been happy to be able to increase our pledge.

Kathy: Growing up in church, we really didn’t know how the money worked. It wasn’t until I was on the Board that I understood how it all works. The fact of the matter is, if we don’t give, something in the church has to give. We don’t want anything in the church to have to give.  There’s so many programs that benefit each of us and I don’t want to anybody to go without. We are responsible to the church and to one another. Yes we give to pay the mortgage, the utilities, for salaries but mostly we give to support the community that is Neighborhood Church.

Simone: So join us in supporting the church by filling out your pledge card. Thank you.


The 2018-2019 Pledge Campaign is underway. Please consider submitting your pledge at anytime through Sunday, March 11, online or in person every Sunday after service. You can submit your pledge online at Have any questions? Email Liz Murphy, the Membership & Stewardship Assistant, at