Sunday Mornings

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While people attend church for many reasons, for Unitarian Universalist congregations, worship is the primary spiritual practice that unites us as a community on a weekly basis. Throughout the arc of the church year, worship tells the story of our life as a congregation: who we are as a religious people, what we cherish, how we celebrate, how we grieve, how we respond to injustice. From worship, we cultivate our sources of hope, resilience and joy. The experience of worshiping together refreshes us and assures us that we are not alone.

The ministers’ role in worship is to bring the congregation’s vision to life by creating collective experiences of beauty, meaning, and connection. As Neighborhood’s ministers, we cherish our roles as worship leaders, which is amongst the most humbling and challenging tasks of ministry. In worship, music and the arts create the container and establish the flow of the service, helping the congregation experience beauty and emotion. The arts have the power to tell stories in fresh and unexpected ways, enlivening our theological imagination, perhaps the most essential creative tool we have in our faith journeys.

When our imagination is awakened, we enter a sacred space where we can open to the transcendent and prophetic dimensions of our faith: the beloved community where all are welcome, the more just, loving and peaceful world we dream about. Worship illuminates the vision we strive for and work to make possible. Worship is an experience that helps us renew our spirits, to refresh our soul, to be reminded of our history and heritage, to recommit to our vision.

We look forward to exploring worship with you. See you on Sunday morning!

Rev. Lissa Anne Gundlach