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Masks are recommended but not required
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Neighborhood UU  COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

Last updated: September 11, 2022


September 11, 2022

New guidelines:

  • Congregants who come in person will be current in vaccinations and boosters (as appropriate)
  • Masks are recommended indoors but not required 
  • Choir and musicians will test before services, and if all test negative, sing unmasked
  • Small groups will decide among themselves if they choose to meet masked or unmasked
  • Children will remain masked for Youth Religious Education 


We recognize there are varying levels of comfort around this change. As a UU community, we respect one another’s decisions. It is important that everyone feels welcome to choose what is right for them. The committee will continue to monitor the situation and adapt as needed. For questions, please contact


March 28, 2022

We appreciate so many people filling out our survey on further reopening. Based on the survey, it is clear that we are not quite at the place where we can remove the mask mandate for worship. Given that little children are still not vaccinated we want to be attentive to that need.

We have agreed that when smaller groups are meeting inside, if everyone in the group agrees to it, they can meet without masks. Obviously individuals may still choose to stay masked. At the beginning of such gatherings it is important to make it clear that this is a choice and not a requirement. We must remember that it may feel uncomfortable for some to remain masked if the rest of the group is not. Please make it clear in the beginning of a meeting that the group be respectful of all choices. We will continue to update you as we make further decisions. 

March 15, 2022


The Covid Task Force has been thinking about next steps to ensure both are safety and feelings of community in our congregation. The numbers are all getting better, the test-positivity rate is below 1%, cases are down, hospitalizations and deaths are down, and LA County and Pasadena has removed the mask mandate for indoor activities. But the virus is still with us and know that many are still feeling vulnerable. Before a decision is made about future protocol, a survey will be emailed today.

Current protocol: masks required indoors, masks optional outdoors

March 3, 2022
We have decided to lift the mask mandate for outdoor gathering. This will allow us to share food together (just in time for our Canvas Luncheon on March 13!)
We are also going to welcome young people back into the sanctuary at the 11:30 service for the first 15 minutes of the service. It will be so good to be a real multigenerational community again!
For the time being, we are holding on to our indoor mask requirement given that the littlest children are not yet vaccinated and the efficacy of vaccines for younger children has not been as good as we had hoped.
We will continue to evaluate the changing landscape and we may lift other restrictions in a few weeks.
It is wonderful to see so many people back on campus, and to continue to have our online community!