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CUUPS Ostara

Located in Ross Chapel, beginning at 7:00pm

Join us in celebration of Ostara, the Spring Equinox. It is a time of balance, of equal parts light and dark. During this time, we seek a sense of balance and harmony between light and dark, winter and summer, warmth and cold. In this ritual, we will celebrate renewal, symbolized by the planting of the seeds. We will look at taking further action on the ideas and goals we started at Yule and Imbolc. It is a time to explore how to cultivate, fertilize, water, and nourish these ideas and goals.

Want to learn more about what the season is about?


Songs: Any song suggestions? Try a week or so before so we can print them. How about now while you’re thinking of it?
Instruments: Whatever you play, and you can carry. Leave the baby grand at home. Oh, I think there is a baby grand already in the chapel.
Altar: Items you wish blessed with this incredible energy.
Mess kit: Plate, Cup, Eating Utensils, Napkin.
Potluck Feast: Please let us know what you are bringing for the feast (see below).

Again, it is a potluck so please bring a potluck dish, a drink to share, and your mess kit. In keeping with loving Mother Earth, we choose to reduce waste by not providing paper products.

Click For Ostara baking recipes

6:30 Set-up time
7:00 Gathering
7:15 Door Locked-Evening Ritual begins
8:15 Feast!
8:45 Clean up
9:00 Have a safe drive home!

Choose in person or on Zoom for this event! You can RSVP either via email at: or the Facebook Group Event

Not a member of the Facebook Group? You can request to join the group at: Open Heart Grove Facebook Group  If you have questions, please use those contact points.


Mar 19 2024


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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