UPDATE: Temporary Suspension of In-Person Services & Activities through February 6, 2022
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Established in 1885

Neighborhood Church is a thriving beacon of liberal religion in the greater Pasadena community.  We are a self-sustaining community that gives back generously with our money, time, and talent in order to foster an ongoing, year-round culture of stewardship to support our mission. Neighborhood Church sustains its programs, ministries, and facilities through the regular and recurring financial contributions of our members and friends.  Your annual pledge is a commitment to the continued and future well-being of our congregation.

What Does Your Giving Support?

  • Worship & Music: Sunday Worship that reaches almost 500 people weekly and our prophetic, liberal voice in the world.
  • Building & Grounds: Maintenance & custodial care of grounds and sacred spaces.
  • Social Justice: Community programs that put our faith in action.
  • Lifelong Learning: Educational activities for children, youth, & adults.
  • Congregational Life: Member activities, services, programs, pastoral care.
  • UUA Connections: Annual Association contribution.

How Much Should I Give?

It costs approximately $150 per month, per household to sustain Neighborhood each year. Members and pledging friends contribute at levels appropriate to their income and financial circumstances. Please see our giving guide to help determine the right pledge and payment options for you and your family. As you think about the spiritual home you’ve found here and the values we embody in our world, please give as generously as you can. 

Link to the UUA giving form

If you have any questions or want to discuss setting up recurring gifts please contact Elizabeth Richer Campo  ecampo@neighborhooduu.org or giving@neighborhooduu.org

Other Giving Opportunities

Share the Plate

Every Sunday we collect an offering that goes entirely to our community partners or special church projects (such as the  Lukas Pender Memorial Scholarship Fund, Esperanza Fund, Green Council, and others)  as an additional gift to help make a difference for those things we care about as a community. Partners receiving the offering are selected by a congregational committee based on recommendations from church members.


Throughout the year, Neighborhood provides opportunities for members and friends to participate in fundraising efforts that build community and support the church. Have an idea for fundraising at the church? Let us know!

Planned Giving

The Neighborhood Legacy Society honors members who have made a commitment to include Neighborhood Church in their wills, trusts, and other planned giving designations. Please consider making the Church part of your planned giving. Contact Tom Petersmeyer for more details on options for this type of giving.

Pledge Campaign

Our pledge drive team will be reaching out to every household this year to have a conversation about your hopes and dreams for Neighborhood and how we can continue to serve you. We look forward to connecting with you— if not quite yet in person— then in conversation. Together, again.

With Gratitude Your Pledge Drive Co-Chairs,

Carol Louissaint & Kim Milliken Hayden

Using this virtual form allows us to be accessible to everyone. If you would prefer to make your pledge over the phone or request a paper form, please contact Operations Manager, Elizabeth Campo. She can be reached by email CLICK HERE or phone 626.449.3470 ext. 411.

Ways to Pledge

  1. Set up an automatic monthly payment with your bank to Neighborhood Church as if it were a regular bill.  Use the church address and in the memo line make sure it says “Pledge 2021-2022.” The bank will send the church a check at whatever frequency you choose, though monthly is preferred.

  2. Provide your account and routing numbers so the church can make an automatic monthly deduction via ACH on or around the 15th of each month. Reach out to Operations Director, Elizabeth Campo if this is how you’d like to pay! 

  3. Use VANCO to pay with a credit or debit card. Just choose the date and amount! You can change your preferences at any time.  VANCO does have more fees associated with it, so this is not our preferred option.

  4. Make a gift of stock. Contact our Board Treasurer Andy Eaton if you want to take advantage of this option.

  5. If you’re already using the required minimum distribution (RMD) from your retirement account, you can use the same account to pay your pledge and it will count towards your RMD.