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Pastoral Care

Members Helping Members

Pastoral Care services are available for every member of Neighborhood Church. If you have a need for short-term practical services such as meals delivered, errands run, resource recommendations, or support during times of transition, stress or illness, please email our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Sue Iri at:


Pastoral Care team members Ann Grant, Mary Brennan and Patty Watson Swan,  currently provide four alternating support groups held in six-week segments:

Life After Loss is a support group for those going through a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship.

Grief Support is a peer group for members who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Caregiver Support is a peer group for members who are taking care of family members. 

Stress Reduction Support helps members use relaxation, meditation, and other stress reduction activities. 

Vision & Testimonials

We aim to foster a nurturing environment and community of members who help each other in times of need. We believe this mutual reliance builds relationships and deepens friendships, so volunteers comprise our network of caregivers.

Why should you reach out to Pastoral Care? We thought we’d let our members share their reasons…

It brings a sense of community to Neighborhood:

“For as long as we can remember, Pastoral Care has been one of the glues holding Neighborhood together. Most recently we had direct experience. I had significant back surgery in early June and Pastoral Care reached out to us in advance asking if we would like meals during recovery. The subsequent three weeks of meals three times a week allowed me to enjoy the company of those who brought the meals and focus on the recovery of mind, body, and spirit.”

— Barb and Andy Eaton

It allows you to give back to your beloved community:

“The Pastoral Care team is a very important part of our beloved community. I have been both a receiver and giver of their services. Living alone and knowing they were there provided me with peace of mind and lessened the stress of recovery from surgery. It was wonderful to have church members provide meals when I was unable to prepare them myself. As a giver of services, I have repaid this wonderful service by providing meals and rides for others. I hope all NUUC members know that this wonderful team is there to support them and all of us.”

— Joyce Wedseltoft

It cares for you in a time of great need:

“Pastoral Care was a godsend when we had our twins. We were overwhelmed, overworked and over our heads. The meals and company brought respite and love, both things we are eternally grateful for.”

— Lauren Worley